Simply giving

The Simply Giving Program is a convenient, safe and simple way for individuals to make automatic payments to non-profit organizations such as St. Stephen Lutheran Church through electronic funds transfer (EFT) directly from checking or savings accounts.

If you would like to make your offering through this program, please fill out and sign the Simply Giving Form and send it to the church office at St. Stephen Lutheran Church via Fax: (517) 321-2631, Email: or mail to the address below.

giveplus+ App

To give via a credit card, from your smart phone:

  1. Download the GivePlus+ (or Give+) app
  2. Search for St. Stephen Lutheran Church by zip code: 48906
  3. Create an account
  4. Make a one-time or recurring contribution


You can mail in your offering or tithes to the address below.


Text the number:


with an amount. You will receive a link where you can fill out your contact information and credit/debit card information.